I accept ARCs, e-books (in the form of .epub or .mobi) and finished copies, with a preference for physical copies. I accept books in both english and czech. (reviews for czech books will be in czech)

I would also be more than happy to promote books by doing cover reveals, giveaways, author interviews, or blog tours.

Please note that all opinions in my reviews are entirely my own.

My Prefered Genres

  • Fiction (General, Literary)
  • YA Fiction (Fantasy, Sci-fi)
  • Fantasy / Sci-fi
  • Historical Fiction
  • Graphic Novels / Comics / Manga
  • Horror
  • Poetry
  • Contemporary Fiction (occasionally)

Review Requests

If you’d like to contact me, please email me the title and author of the books along with a synopsis and any other additional information I need to know to karolina.tomastikova@seznam.cz with “Review Request” in the subject line.